Tony Lucca

Posted: March 5, 2012 in Good Music

I was waching Friday Night Lights today when I heard this song. Its an awesome song and the artist is really chill to listen. He is currently a contestant on the American¬†The Voice in Team Adam. He also has some awesome ep’s like TFDI, So Far, Simply Six, Through The Cracks, and Close Enough. If you are into some chill music you should definetly check him out. Here is a youtube video of one of his song Devil Town. Enjoy!!!!!!!!!!!


Mental Discipline

Posted: March 5, 2012 in Random Rants

I was talking with my brother yesterday about mental discipline. It is why this blog was created and I now will be posting everyday. As he was talking I realized he was right that I have no discipline and that I do not push myself. He had me watch a video that Will Smith made about the two most important things in life “Reading and Running”. I will also include in this post the youtube video. So here is my first attempt at writing blogs so be kind in your comments (lol).